The Best Home Renovations In Charlotte

Home Renovations in Charlotte NC

Find excellent home renovations experts have become a passion of mine. I love fixing people’s houses (and their yards) and making them better than when I first bought them. I like to think outside the box as it relates to improving the value of a home. I’m an entrepreneur by trade, with my own small contracting business that I run from my home, but I love home renovations so much that I now conduct them as a part of my business.” ~ Bill Shelburne, CEO of Affordable Home Renovations in Charlotte NC

home renovations Charlotte NC


“For me, home renovations are just another way to add value to my home. I enjoy fixing up old homes and turning them into nice places to live again. We have homes in several areas including West Asheville, East Asheville, and uptown. Each neighborhood has its own personality with historic homes mixed in with newer, more contemporary homes. Our homes are in excellent shape despite some older home renovations. The renovations had the affect of giving our residents more value for their money while at the same time adding to the quality of life in the neighborhood.” ~ Michelle Denny, Realtor in Asheville, NC


“We have a beautiful house in west Asheville that needs some kitchen and bathroom work. Our new builder made some easy modifications that opened up a lot of space without adding too much weight. The house feels more spacious with the addition of the new doors, wall-to-wall carpeting throughout, new lighting and flooring and we are all excited to move in! This home renovations in Charlotte NC will only benefit us in the years to come.”

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